Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Resource Guide

There are lots of places to learn about needlework all over the 'net, and sometimes it's all a bit overwhelming.  Enter Eglantine Stitchery's Resource page:   http://eglantinestitchery.blogspot.com/p/cross-stitching-resources.html

Aurelia Eglantine has compiled some great tutorials and pamphlets that answer the tough questions, like how to change colors and skin tones; how to stitch fractionals, and the life expectancy of heirloom cross stitch gifts. There's a link to a stitch calculator, even a questionnaire that can help you decide if the cross stitch hobby is right for you.  You'll find links to lots of other blogs there, too.

Stop by and say "hi" and become a follower of this wonderfully helpful blog.

Happy Stitiching!

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  1. Hi Jeanne -

    Thanks so much for your lovely post :) I'm glad you find the resource page helpful! I hoping to expand it as I go along, so it's a work in progress, just like my stitching ;)

    I love your site and your designs, and I really appreciate your wonderful recommendation!

    Best Wishes,



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