Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celtic border and more

The Celtic heart border is complete. The entire piece is complete. And I have had a wonderful adventure stitching it.

The center section is satin stitched, kinda. Along the diagonals, I alternated between "over two" and "over one" stitches using three strands of thread on Monaco even weave to fill it out and give depth. 

I have plans for this one, and look forward to getting into 'the big city' to buy a frame.

It's Sunday morning, and Joe has the bacon sizzling. I think it's time for breakfast! May your day be blessed with laughter and love.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blackwork Heaven

There IS a blackwork heaven, and I've found it at It's there that you will find Ensamplario Atlantio: 

Kim Brody Salazar, writing as Ianthe D'Averoigne, offers her expansive book in four PDF downloads that give you just about any blackwork fill pattern you can imagine. From simple to ornate, more than 200 fill patterns will amaze and inspire you.

And best of all? It's all FREE! Download your copy today. I guarantee it will become your "go to" book when it comes to blackwork fill.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baking and Blackwork

Where the time flies, I have no idea. It seems like ages since I've posted here, though I have been meaning to for days. But the days get away from me sometimes, and I simply cannot seem to fit it all in.

First, a big THANK YOU for visiting Byrd's Nest. 10,000 visits and growing! I hope you're finding your visits interesting, educational, and maybe even a bit humorous. Your internet time is precious and I appreciate your spending it with me.

Find this and other free patterns at  

The Precision Induction Cooktop by Hearthware has become a valuable member of my kitchen appliance team. I fried tortillas not long ago. It was great to be able to pause the cooking process between batches--no burning oil! Blanching tomatoes for spaghetti sauce was quick and easy. It's lightweight and portable, so I can move it around the kitchen or even take it out on the deck. I keep it out on the counter where it takes up a bit of room, though I hope that Hearthware decides to make a wall-mount storage rack for the cooktop someday. I still haven't made candy yet, but when I choose to, I have a feeling it will be a breeze with the PIC.

Final decision: if I had a fair amount of disposable income, I think I'd splurge and buy it ($139.99). If I was living in a dorm or studio I would definitely buy it. And it's guaranteed that when I get my dream camper trailer, the Precision Induction Cooktop will come along for the ride.

Still puttering around with the Celtic heart border; I'm caught up in a local political issue, so my time is not really my own right now. I find myself almost pining for winter when issues will be (somewhat) resolved and I'll have time to sit down with my needle and thread. Until then, I stitch a heart here, a heart there...

It's that time of year--when your friends and neighbors decide that the one thing your life is missing is a giant zucchini. I got two! Fortunately, I was able to give one away. The other has been dedicated to some of the most wonderful zucchini cookies and zucchini bread! I made two loves of bread, two batches of cookies, and I still have a third of a zucchini left! Hubby is not a fan of stuffed vegetables, so that option's out. Any ideas what I can do with the rest of this zucchini? 

Speaking of bread: I had a hand at French bread this week. Oh. My. Goodness. Now that's what I call living!