Saturday, August 25, 2012

I know I put them here someplace...

So we all know that the reason I hardly ever blog anymore is because I'm working again. And yes, it's true that I rarely get an opportunity to stitch, what with work and classes and such. But losing my 2012 patterns and ideas? How could that happen?

That's right, I can't find the patterns I designed for this year. I have searched my computer somewhat frantically, to no avail. The patterns just aren't there. I guess they felt neglected and chose to run away from home. Or something. 

The good news: there were only a couple of patterns anyway (most of which I've already shared with you), and the one that I've been working on was saved as a PDF and placed in my Dropbox app. I can always draw it again.

Note to self: Back up your patterns more often.

Instead of stitching, let me send you on a journey. The Washington Post recently held a photography contest: travel photos. They're awesome, so click here and be swept away.