Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never underestimate a good motif

One of the basic foundations of blackwork is the motif.  A motif is a distinctive, recurring shape in the design of a picture.  I like designing with motifs.  They offer a continuity that I find most appealing.

"Link" is an elegant border motif
I used this "link" motif in "Monarch" and again here, in "Erin":


Here's a motif that you can use to design your own custom pattern.  
Go ahead, let your mind wander and think of the options...

Start Here.

Line up your motif for a fascinating border effect.

Overlap the elements of the motif and you can create a diamond shape that you can continue to expand as you like.

Add a border, if you like, or maybe a specialty stitch or two.  

Voila!  Without a pattern, you have created a beautiful ornament, quilt square, or maybe even a drink coaster.  Whatever you can imagine, you can create!
  Google "geometric shapes" and you'll get all kinds of great ideas.

Stitch Happy!