Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never underestimate a good motif

One of the basic foundations of blackwork is the motif.  A motif is a distinctive, recurring shape in the design of a picture.  I like designing with motifs.  They offer a continuity that I find most appealing.

"Link" is an elegant border motif
I used this "link" motif in "Monarch" and again here, in "Erin":


Here's a motif that you can use to design your own custom pattern.  
Go ahead, let your mind wander and think of the options...

Start Here.

Line up your motif for a fascinating border effect.

Overlap the elements of the motif and you can create a diamond shape that you can continue to expand as you like.

Add a border, if you like, or maybe a specialty stitch or two.  

Voila!  Without a pattern, you have created a beautiful ornament, quilt square, or maybe even a drink coaster.  Whatever you can imagine, you can create!
  Google "geometric shapes" and you'll get all kinds of great ideas.

Stitch Happy!


  1. Very interesting reading! While I've been aware of motifs, I haven't seen anyone lay it out in quite this way and it's very inspiring. I love Erin, and how it looks completely different from Monarch, even though it shares the center star and the Celtic knotwork motifs :) Great post!


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