Sunday, November 13, 2011


I had pretty much canned the idea of making Christmas ornaments this year.  By the time I noticed that Christmas is coming, it was far too late to make a dozen or so biscornus, and I was really unhappy with my finish work on the last batch of stuffed, pillow-type ornaments.

Lucky for me, I subscribe to It's Daffycat, for it was there that I found the Ladder Stitch. The Ladder Stitch is an easy method for finishing stuffed objects. Unlike the Whip Stitch, the Ladder Stitch is hidden and leaves a flat seam. You cannot tell where the object was stuffed. I tried it on an unfinished pillow I'd been neglecting, and the technique was easy, quick, and darned near foolproof.  Check out the YouTube video tutorial here.

Now that I have found a simple method for the final finishing, I'm a little more eager to go ahead and make some ornaments or sachets to celebrate the season.

Thanks, Daffycat for the inspiration, and thanks Shinyhappywendi for the learning moment. My life is forever changed, and for that I am most grateful.

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