Sunday, December 4, 2011

The box

What makes the ideal stitching experience? How do you organize yourself? I've tried lots of methods for keeping my stitching supplies handy and convenient, but the best I've found is the Caboodles box. It's relatively compact, easy to organize, and easy to tote.

I love how much I can stuff in there and everything has a place, even the extras like an iPod Flash (for my favorite tunes), a personal fan/flashlight (handy for when I get hot flashes or drop a needle--sometimes both at the same time), and my favorite lip balm. Crisco boxes are perfect for storing thread bobbins (so are Fig Newton trays). I glued a magnet strip to the front of the upper tray. It's a great parking place for needles and my Dritz needle threader. Best of all, I can take the Caboodle box anywhere, from craft corner to living room, from home to a long weekend out of town! All in all, it's an ideal system for me.

What about you? How do you keep your stitching supplies organized and handy? Leave a comment below, or send a photo to It will be fun to share our ideas and handy hints.

Happy stitching!