Saturday, August 25, 2012

I know I put them here someplace...

So we all know that the reason I hardly ever blog anymore is because I'm working again. And yes, it's true that I rarely get an opportunity to stitch, what with work and classes and such. But losing my 2012 patterns and ideas? How could that happen?

That's right, I can't find the patterns I designed for this year. I have searched my computer somewhat frantically, to no avail. The patterns just aren't there. I guess they felt neglected and chose to run away from home. Or something. 

The good news: there were only a couple of patterns anyway (most of which I've already shared with you), and the one that I've been working on was saved as a PDF and placed in my Dropbox app. I can always draw it again.

Note to self: Back up your patterns more often.

Instead of stitching, let me send you on a journey. The Washington Post recently held a photography contest: travel photos. They're awesome, so click here and be swept away.

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  1. Eek! So sorry to hear that you lost your patterns! Maybe they just got misplaced?! I'm not sure what program you were using (because some automatically make copies of your working files), but it might be worth searching your computer by pattern name to see if there were any back-up files left lying around when the main ones had the nerve to pack up and leave home without you!

    Thank you for the lovely link :)


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