Thursday, April 28, 2011

Litany Against Fear

If you've spent any time with my patterns, you know that my work is generally smalls: squares, circles, repeating patterns that are quick to stitch and make for striking but simple ornaments and gifts. It is rare for me to make the foray into the world of samplers, but upon the request of a friend some months back, I designed Litany Against Fear.

The litany is from the science-fiction classic, Dune by author, Frank Herbert. I haven't read any of the Dune books, but a thorough search of the Internet gave me the inspiration I needed.  The stylized hawk's head is a common icon in Dune memorabilia.

The font is from one of my favorite stitching tools, 120 Alphabets by Carol Emmer.  

This book has given me plenty of inspiration and ideas.  This is just one of many wonderful alphabet books at the Leisure Arts website.  One or two or three should give you all the lettering ideas you could possibly want. 

Only 9 wedding invitations to go!

Stitch well, stitch happy!