Monday, September 19, 2011

So, how'd the pot roast turn out?

The Precision Induction Cooktop puts a nice sear on meat. It was quick and easy.

Chuck roast seared in the Precision Invection Cooktop.
I used Montreal Steak Seasoning  for a light rub.

I'm afraid I had the temperature a little high for cooking though, so the roast was finished rather quickly. Like two hours faster than I had planned.  Keeping it warm made the meat tough. Oh well. Lessons learned.

The next day, I tried fried chicken according to the directions in the PIC cookbook. It turned out juicy and tender. The recipe was easy to follow and results were exactly what I'd hoped for. Which brings us to the cookbook and the Precision Cooking Club website. The website is a nice source for information and recipes.  At this time, both the book and the website are the same, but there's lots of room for new information on the website. Precision Cooktop owners get exclusive access (you'll need the serial number of the unit to sign up). It's a nice inclusion in the total package.

The PIC has a fan that runs whenever the cooktop is in use. It's not exactly the quietest fan, either. On the other hand, the unit does not radiate heat, so the kitchen is cooler.

The more I use the PIC, the more I like it. Still a very enthusiastic "Thumbs Up".

On the stitching front: I've come up with a new border pattern, Celtic Heart.

Celtic Heart Border
There are a lot of half stitches in this one, so it's best suited for even weave. Aida cloth is not recommended. I do plan to design a slightly larger version more suited to all fabrics in the near future.

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  1. I'm oohing and aahing over your new gadget. Cool.


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