Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baking and Blackwork

Where the time flies, I have no idea. It seems like ages since I've posted here, though I have been meaning to for days. But the days get away from me sometimes, and I simply cannot seem to fit it all in.

First, a big THANK YOU for visiting Byrd's Nest. 10,000 visits and growing! I hope you're finding your visits interesting, educational, and maybe even a bit humorous. Your internet time is precious and I appreciate your spending it with me.

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The Precision Induction Cooktop by Hearthware has become a valuable member of my kitchen appliance team. I fried tortillas not long ago. It was great to be able to pause the cooking process between batches--no burning oil! Blanching tomatoes for spaghetti sauce was quick and easy. It's lightweight and portable, so I can move it around the kitchen or even take it out on the deck. I keep it out on the counter where it takes up a bit of room, though I hope that Hearthware decides to make a wall-mount storage rack for the cooktop someday. I still haven't made candy yet, but when I choose to, I have a feeling it will be a breeze with the PIC.

Final decision: if I had a fair amount of disposable income, I think I'd splurge and buy it ($139.99). If I was living in a dorm or studio I would definitely buy it. And it's guaranteed that when I get my dream camper trailer, the Precision Induction Cooktop will come along for the ride.

Still puttering around with the Celtic heart border; I'm caught up in a local political issue, so my time is not really my own right now. I find myself almost pining for winter when issues will be (somewhat) resolved and I'll have time to sit down with my needle and thread. Until then, I stitch a heart here, a heart there...

It's that time of year--when your friends and neighbors decide that the one thing your life is missing is a giant zucchini. I got two! Fortunately, I was able to give one away. The other has been dedicated to some of the most wonderful zucchini cookies and zucchini bread! I made two loves of bread, two batches of cookies, and I still have a third of a zucchini left! Hubby is not a fan of stuffed vegetables, so that option's out. Any ideas what I can do with the rest of this zucchini? 

Speaking of bread: I had a hand at French bread this week. Oh. My. Goodness. Now that's what I call living! 

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